Do we need a permit to get a fence or deck installed?

It depends on the town where the fence is being installed. Typically most towns do require a permit for a fence or deck installation. In many cases, inspections are required during and after construction. For more details about your particular town please contact your local building department.

How long does it take to get a new fence installed?

A typical backyard fence is installed in one day. However, this may change based upon the amount of fence being installed, unforeseen installation obstacles and weather conditions.

Do you install fences in the winter?

Yes, our installation and service departments work throughout the year. At times we may delay the installation day by a couple of days if there are extreme weather conditions in the winter.

How close to our property line do you install your fences?

Standard installation of a fence is 3 to 6 inches from the property line. We do this so we do not encroach upon your neighbor’s property when excavating and setting the posts. This distance may vary based upon township requirements.

What type of warranties do you offer on your fences and decks?

We have the most comprehensive warranties in the industry. All of our fences and decks come with a three year warranty on the workmanship and installation of the fence. Our gates are warrantied for one year. Our CR Aluminum and CR Vinyl products have a lifetime warranty on the material. If there is a warranty claim on the material we will cover the labor to fix the claim.

Do you repair fences?

Yes, Cedar Rustic Fence Co. has a full-time service department for warranty work and fence repairs. However, at this time we only do repair work on Cedar Rustic fences. It is difficult to fix fences that are constructed differently or made of material that we do not offer. We want to ensure that if we commit to repairing a fence, that you will be happy with the results.

I see that you are located in Joliet, IL. Where do you install fences and decks?

Our main production facility and warehouse is located in Joliet. We do install fences all over the Chicagoland area and Northwest Indiana. We are licensed and bonded in over 150 different townships. Please see our service map.