From Start to Finish

The 4-Step Process

Cedar Rustic Fence Co. strives to make the purchase and installation of you new fence as enjoyable as possible. Below we have outlined what you should expect when getting a fence from Cedar Rustic Fence Company.

Step 1 – Design a Fence

Call Cedar Rustic at 800.262.0388 or click here to schedule a free in home consultation today. A friendly sales representative will come to your home to help you select a fence style that fits your needs.

When you are happy with your fence selection, you should review and sign the contract and place a deposit with Cedar Rustic Fence Co. An installation date will then be scheduled.

Most fence installations are done in a day. However, sometimes unforeseen circumstances may require a little more time to complete your fence.

Step 2 – Permits and Authorizations

Most townships today require a permit prior to installation of a new fence. Usually, a copy of your plat of survey and a contract for the fence is all that is needed for a permit. Please check you with your local building department for additional information or specific requirements they may have.

We also recommend that you check with your homeowner’s association to see if there are any restrictions prior to use building your fence.

Please notify Cedar Rustic if there are any township or association restrictions that we need to consider when building your fence. 

Step 3 – Installation

Two to seven days prior to the installation of your fence, Cedar Rustic will notify J.U.L.I.E (Joint Utility Locating Information for Excavators). If you live in Indiana, we ask you to call Diggers (1.800.382.5544). J.U.L.I.E. and Diggers will instruct local utility companies to locate their underground facilities in your yard. Please leave all flags and markings in your yard until the fence installation is complete.

Cedar Rustic Fence Co. will take care of scheduling all postholes inspections are required.

During the day of installation your crew chief will meet with you in the morning to review the placement of your fence. Please provide a copy of you plat of survey to your crew chief so he can establish your property.

Step 4 – Completion

When Cedar Rustic has completed installing your fence, your crew chief will review the job with you making sure you are satisfied with our work

Final payment or financing paperwork is due upon completion of the fence.


All of our fences come with extensive warranties. If you have any problems with the fence after installation, please call us and we work hard to resolve your issue.

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